Wednesday, November 18, 2015

How To Survive A World Series

It's all over. It wasn't as much fun as I had hoped because we didn't win it. But I had a blast. For a whole month I reveled in our success. This was my fifth World Series, having been there in '69, '73, '86, '00, and now '15. A lot better than the Cubs and no where near as good as the Cards. I'm not gloating nor rubbing it in, but simply explaining how damn important it is when you do get there. Here are some tips I have learned that may help you enjoy the Series, I'm talking to you Cub fans, when you reach playing ball games into November.

1. First, you need symbols and good luck charms that you use with each and every game. Above you see that I lit the palm tree before each game. It worked for the Dodger and it worked for eh Cubs so I kept it going through every inning of every match.

2. That brings up another important point. Watch each and every second of each and every game. It is so tough to get there you can't risk not watching it. Your team made it, now sit there and take it, win or lose. Besides, you never know when you'll ever get back.

3. You must dress for success. Here I am sporting the Mets jersey I've had for a few years now. It is important that while you are on a roll do not do anything with it. I had baby puke, wing grease, pizza toppings and who knows what else plopped, spit, or nosed bombed on to this jersey but I didn't wash it. I didn't want to wash off the luck.

4. Invite people over who share in your dream. Mackenzie and Brendan are Mets fans and made appearances through the month. Actually Kenzie was over every bight except one. Occasionally she lugged over her Cub fan of a husband. That didn't turn out to be as awkward as I thought. He was pretty quiet through most games.

Establish a routine, as silly or as serious as you wish, then stick with it. I took a shot of Rum Chata (something I first tasted on Tybee Island) before each game to brace myself for the upcoming drama.

And, food, of course. We became a virtual buffet of goodies during the games. Wal-Mart Bacon Supreme pizza a couple of games simply because it is easy, cheap and so darn good. Once we ordered wings from Mugs, just down the road. They are the biggest and best wings I've ever had.

On this night we combined pizza with some beef and chicken nachos from Cheddar's.  

And then it was over. An extra month's worth of games. The New York Mets pulled off an amazing season and fun post-season. I watched every second of it, ever mindful that at my age, I may never reach this pinnacle again. It is so damn hard to get there. Everything has to work out just right. So, for the next 12 months we will be the National League Champs. Wherever we play folks will have to say we are the best. There will be a pennant raising ceremony at Citi next Spring and then we will be off again for a hope-filled journey to the World Series. Even though we lost it was a damn fun experience and I recommend the tips I have relayed to make your experience even more enjoyable. Go Met's.

Oh, and I almost forgot. Taco Bell had a promotion that involved anyone stealing a base on a particular night. Someone did (Daniel Murphy) and so Taco Bell gave away a free breakfast wrap on November 7th. Yup, I walked over to the local TB and order one. All in all, the season was a great one.

My free taco Bell Country wrap.  

Just some other thoughts.

1.  We were as overmatched in the WS as the Cubs were in the NLCS.

2.  Once a team gets the Big Mo, its tough to change direction.

3.  Game four pregame panel included all American League ex-players.  And you could tell.  Speaking of pregame panel (Burkhart, Millar, ARod, Ibanez and Thomas) may have been the lamest and most embarrassing bunch of unfunny yucksters I've ever seen.  Thomas is was so obviously pro-KC all series, Ibanez nothing more than tired baseball platitudes.  Although, to his credit, it seemed he, too was embarrassed to be part of this group.

4.  Game three Billy Joel National Anthem best Ive heard in ages, if only because it had no flourishes or what many singers do to add 20 notes to the original one, like a pianist drumming his thumb up and down the keyboard.  

5.  I wonder why Fox decided to sign up Pete Rose, and confessed habitual gambler, baseball's cardinal sin, and Arod, probably the most despised player in all of sports to their pregame panel.

6.  KC should get credit for zeroing in on team deficiencies.  For instance, Met's catcher d'artnau can't throw out baserunners.  KC ran and stole bases with abandon all Series.

7.  I think Joe Buck is just fine.

8.  I see the ratings were the highest in some time.  I'll bet the Met's and Cubs helped those ratings a lot.  


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