Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

This ugly and decidedly dead insect was the center of an investigation last week.  As we were waving Norah and Mommy away we noticed this guy skittering about in the parking lot.  It didn't look like anything I'd ever noticed before.  I grabbed it and put it in a glass jar.  Sadly, in the morning he was a goner.  Who thought that an insect could croak so fast and weakly.  A hardy bug can last days in a jar, right?  So, instead of rescue we became recovery.  Any BFE reader seen anything like this?  

This is a mole cricket.  It is rare to see.  They are all over the world but people seldom see them since they live exclusively in the ground.  I suspect our deceased friend was trying to escape Florida, but didn't make it out of the parking lot.  


Norah and her folks while looking for the perfect Pumpkin.


Remember this when you are outside sitting around a raging fire.  Have fun but watch your wiener. These simple tips will help you avoid tragedy.  

1.  Always hold your wiener with two hands.  
2.  Be sure to keep your wiener upright. 
3.  Always keep your wiener to yourself.
4.  No swordplay with your wiener.  It's not a toy.


Personally, I liked most of the questions the CNBC moderators asked.  I want a nimble, quick-witted president, not an over-prepped bully.  The problem isn't the questions, its the follow up responses by others on stage designed to cut down the previous speaker.  It's a form of bullying to disparage what another person has said.   It's easy to cut someone else remarks down, it's harder still to answer questions that you weren't prepped for. 


Norah on Sunday night as we were losing to KC.  We thought
it best to shield her from this nasty bit of news. 

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