Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

Good news from my latest doctor's appointment.  My polyps are not growing at the moment, so the steroidal flushes are doing their job.  What all that means is that, for now, I am averting the allergy panels and 6 months of shots.  Woo Hoo! 


I am presently in Northlandia and you should know that posts may be non-existent some days. I am attempting to put these together with spitwads and duct tape.  Monthly dues will be gladly refunded.    


I wasn't here more than a day before we started to get reports of an impending blizzard.  I ran into old family friend Gary Greer from Seaton and he said he didn't think I was that stupid to come up here at this time. I think that was a compliment.  Hmmm?


Something I noticed right off was the continual political ads filtering over here from Iowa stations.  That's one thing we don't get down in Florida...yet.


I was expecting perhaps a bit more security at the airport but all they did was pat down my shoulders.  Why?  Not a clue. 


Lewis Black is wonderfully funny.


Five days into this trip and already I miss my Norah.


All indications point to an excellent viewing month for Comet Catalina.  Each day that goes by the comet will be in the eastern night sky before dawn.  I hope to have a picture of it by this time next week.  I am thinking that a place without any pollution whatsoever, like maybe Tybee Island would be a great place to see it.  Maybe I can get over there in January before it leaves.


Norah was sick last week so she stayed with me instead of going to school.  She sure seemed better.  Looked like one of my miraculous recoveries when I was a kid. 


That title is supposed to say Bug rather than Big.  Typos can start wars.  Anyway, this guy was walking along the railing at Norah's place.  Interesting looking little bastard.

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