Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

Norah and I have developed a bit of a routine on Fridays. I walk up to where the current Mrs. Blythe works (it takes an hour) around 3 o'clock, get the car an drive over to pick her up at school. We then stop over at Dunkin Donuts for a strawberry rainbow donut (her) and whatever looks good for me. We split a milk and then drive back to pick up the current Mrs. Blythe from work at 5:00. We try to allow plenty of time to explore the spooky stairway, ride the elevators and converse with smokers at the gazebo. Last week we tossed a couple pennies from third floor down to a semi-hidden girder on the 2nd floor. We have turned that building into our own huge playhouse.

This picture is of a pensive Norah waiting patiently for Grandma, after our little fun time.


Everything changes over time.


The current Mrs.Blythe took this picture last week of Ayla.


No pictures yet of Comet Catalina as I had hoped but it isn't the best time quite yet.  Luckily I can simply walk a block to a cornfield and look East.  This should be fun. 


As I have mentioned the Wombie worked at a farm for some fall plowing.  A few other area retirees also help out.  Mrs. Wombie said it was funny listening to "three non-farmers talk about farming."


I am redoing my kitchen here at the Palace.  I hope to have some before and after pics maybe in a week or two.  Colors:  Tricorn Black, Ever White, and Blithe Blue.  


When we were kids in Seaton, why didn't we think of this?


While politicians from both parties finger-screw themselves, and us, perhaps they could do something constructive for a change and make a law forbidding people from driving by their past homes.  I made that mistake by driving by the old Blythe homestead at 103 Pine Street in Seaton.  The most wonderful feature of the place, its huge front picture window has been replaced by a new, energy efficient window that is half the size of the old one.  The two gutted deer hanging in the old Maple tree that entertained us boys is something I kind of got used to last year when I drove by.  But with the picture window gone and what looks like extensive remodeling inside, the place is no longer an object of nostalgia, but more a curiosity. 

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