Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

When legendary cellist Pablo Casals was asked why he still practiced at 90, he replied "Because I think I'm making progress."


How long has it been since Robert DeNiro was in a serious movie?  He seems to be in every forgettable rom-com these days.


I had threatened to take a week off when I returned to Floriduh to get organized, but its December and Christmas time. I need to continue so like a punch-drunk boxer I will wobble a bit on my feet but stay in the ring, at least for now.


Ayla, aka Alfred.  Almost human.


Well, I'm back in Floriduh after almost a month in Northlandia. I did everything on my list, failing in a couple things. My little cabin in the woods in Emerald City is just about perfect. My fingers are crossed that I can keep living this two-state solution for the foreseeable future. 


I have landed a job. I will be sitting Ayla/Alfred starting December 21st for an indefinite amount of time. Apparently she is happy with my work sitting Norah - that or my price is right. Back into the breach once more.


And then there were none...


Here is a scene duplicated almost in every small town in the Midwest. It is a funeral procession down Main street in Emerald City. The procession is turning toward the cemetery. I want you to notice that cars going in the opposite direction have stopped out of respect for the deceased, somebody they do not know. I saw it every so often in Seaton growing up.  It is a small town thing.  I do not know if they do it in the Quad-Cities but I can tell you most definitively that it is not done in big city Florida.   In fact, down here, cars don't/won't even slow much to allow emergency vehicles through intersections.  Much too busy, in a hurry and cosmopolitan for that sort of thing. That is why this scene warmed my heart.


Poor Iowans.  They have all those political commercials every day, the Hawkeyes and they're crazy over cruz and Trump.  Hard to imagine that at one time their motto was "Iowa - A State of Minds".

This is an unretouched, non-photoshopped enhanced picture I took of a sunrise with my iPhone in Northlandia.  Amazing.  Just an amazing sunrise.  


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