Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits


Is it me or is the flag, these days, more at half staff than full?


I have taken quite a few photographs while in Northlandia and will be sorting them out when I return South on Saturday.  I may even take a week off from blogging, so brace yourselves. 


Interesting video I came across.  A kid in a Chicago high school, earlier this year, took a video of fellow student reactions when she told them they were beautiful.  Pretty illuminating and in one instance, kind of scary.


I had wished to give you a picture of Comet Catalina but, alas, I have found it elusive.  I'm sure I have it on my card somewhere but I won't be able to single it out until I return to the editing department down south.  Patience, Grasshopper.


As I have mentioned, Kenzie graduates from Saint Petersburg College with a B.A. in Business on Saturday. She has been at this for around a decade. She has neither asked for nor even mentioned any type of recognition from anyone. However, being a proud father I will give you her address for anyone wishing to extend any congratulations. Please, no gifts - she would be mortified.

Mackenzie Blythe
6465 142nd Ave N, Apt M 203
Clearwater, FL 33760

Let's give her a BFE bump!


Monday morning (1:18 am) I made a bathroom call and while up I looked out the windows to see if all was well.  I saw a fox trot down 4th Avenue, right by my house and hang a right onto 7th Street.  I guess all was well.  



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