Thursday, January 7, 2016

Northlandia Leftovers 2

A sight to warm a pseudo-Floridian. I totally loved the little mini-blizzard we got within 48 hours of my arrival.  The wonderment at how much we would get - the quiet hush new snow's acoustics provides, the prospect of being "snowed in".  All good stuff I remember - I want more of it.

I re-did the kitchen, and it turned out rather nice, I think.  The cabinets and wainscoting were painted with Sherwin-Williams Tricorn Black, the teal is Blithe Blue.  Yet to put up: a black window blind and new white ceiling fan.  Better Homes and Gardens, I am available for a magazine layout.

This was taken by an iPhone.  I love early mornings wherever I am.  Best part of the day.  I noticed this sunrise in Emerald City and walked a block to empty area and took this picture.  I even like the grain bins int he distance.  You simply can't paint this kind of thing - and I was astonished my little phone camera was able to get the colors.  My Nikon sometimes can't get the richness of the reds. 

I have always been fascinated by the two support system.  This fine gentleman uses the belt and suspender support and I wonder what came first - the belt or suspenders.  Is it really necessary or is one a habit formed decades ago, not easily done away with?  Hmmm.  Questions of the ages.

Little Miss Maddie, who is lucky enough to own Mark and Holly, taking a little nap before one of our road trips.  Poor Maddie is blind yet moves about the home surprisingly well.  If you didn't know you would think she has sight.  Wonder if it is simply an animal's innate sense of memory that allows such freedom of movement?  

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