Thursday, January 28, 2016

Northlandia Leftovers - Part 5

Here I offer a glimpse of Holly Days, a pre-Christmas parade and fun shopping in Emerald City.  I had planned to stay in the Cabin in the Woods but the Wombie and Holly (no relation to Holly Days, or maybe there is!)  twisted my arm to join them in a cocktail at Beer Bellies then watch the parade.  And so I did.  

I have to confess a cardinal error in these camera shots above and below.  Confirming my willingness to confess to stupid photographer mistakes, I thus explain why these are not properly focused.  The last shots I had taken were down at the Bay taking barge shots.  I was in Manual mode.  In these pictures I failed to put it on Auto, which I usually do for these types of pictures.  Because of my ignorance, these are blurry.  No excuse.  And yes, I did have a couple beers before I went to the parade.

Outside Emerald City about 10 miles or so near Joy is a large ranch home, pasture and Butler building, everything looks new, that is home to these draft horses.  It is called Willow Creek Belgian Farm.  These guys were pulling wagon loads of parade spectators.  Big old draft horses, burley and gnarly and full of horsepower.  Back in my G-Burg days, little Michael and I went to Farm King one cold winter day and saw a team of Percherons and I thought they were the neatest things.  The Belgian are smaller but still pretty great hulking beasts.

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  1. That was a fun night.We were supporting the community one beer at a time.