Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tuesday Tidbits

First off I need to tell you I did not take this picture.  Secondly, I didn't take any of the pictures in today's Tidbits.  Thirdly, if I did take the above picture I'm sure I would have wet my pants and any other number of human physiological things.  This is one of the reasons I take pictures at night.  To try to find neat stuff like this.  John Ashley took this picture near Columbia Falls, Montana and what this is are light pillars from an aurora near Glacier National Park.  Lordy, ain't that sweet?


These were taken by my favorite Tybee Island resident, Jeff, who while walking with Lily came across this guy washing his Model T.  He was going to trade this beauty the next day for a Corvette.  I don't know the year of the Vette but both offer a kind of Alpha and Omega of automobilia.  If I had this would I trade for a Vette?  I don't know, but looking at the Model T I'd do it with some reservation.  The early cars were basic transportation, slow, hard to drive (no power anything) and like Henry Ford said, "You can get one in any color as long as it is black."  They all looked alike and didn't have what we Boomers knew growing up as individual make personality. The Vettes, as we all know are America's sports car, sleek, exuding sexiness and certainly having that personality.  Would I trade, hmmm.  Tough to say.  Probably not.  By the way, the trade fell through and the owner decided to keep his antique.  


Kenzie and Alfred, aka, Ayla.


I hate having to open 10 of those little ketchup wrappers to dip my fries.


People lying in hammocks at Vinoy Park.  This was taken by the current Mrs. Blythe. as well as the picture of a wild parrot below.  I have explained about these parrots before, but it all started when a shipment of exotic parrots were being delivered and the box opened, releasing them.  Now after several decades we have parrotts flying around - pretty to look at but their screech is not very pretty.


It was like life and death on the Serengeti at the corner of East Bay and Ulmerton Avenue last weekend.  While parked at a red light I witnessed a seagull swoop down to grab some food on the road.  It was clipped by a car and amid the feathers flying the wounded bird sat in the lane facing the oncoming traffic.  To the right was a parking lot for a CVS, and someone ran out to the bird, grabbed him and ran back to their car, which then sped away.  

I'd like to think that they raced to a vet who fixed it up and is now recuperating awaiting a great fly-away ceremony soon.  Of course, this is Florida, where it could have easily ended up in a soup that night.


This picture was taken by some guy in Georgia.  It is the Tybee Island lighthouse.  Yeah, I've been there and been on top of that lighthouse, too.  This is another reason I try to take my camera wherever I go - to get something as nice as that.  


Oh, and one more thing.  I had my iPhone when that bird was hit on the roadway, but it was too difficult to chronicle the struggle - I had my hands over my eyes. 


Why is it we have named every moon of every planet except our own?


Instant karma:  Last week as I was heading to the gate leaving Bedlam, I slowed down for a speed hump.  A crotch rocket zoomed past me in between the two humps, scared the bejesus out of me.  He raced up a little bit to where his apartment was and must have thought the kickstand was down as he got off the bike.  The kickstand was not down (karma) and he dropped it. Instant payback.  I snickered as I drove by.  

(This is where I also insert into the story that I, too, have inadvertently dropped a bike for the same reason, but I try to keep it a secret.) 

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  1. Enjoyed today's blog, Mike. By the way, I'd never trade that Model T for a vette.