Wednesday, January 6, 2016


USPS - Unusually Slow Parcel Shipping?

Like the old adage, "it's an ill wind that blows nobody any good", I learned a few lessons from my USPS package that eluded its scheduled arrival by almost 2 weeks.  First the saga.

On Tuesday December 8th I took a package to Emerald City post office containing my camera, two lenses, two prescription meds,  2 Kitchen Cooked caramel corn packages and other assorted items to be shipped to Floriduh.  I recall being a bit miffed because my shipping choice would miss that upcoming Geminid meteor shower.  Estimated arrival date was the following Monday, the 15th.  

I tried saving a few dollars by only insuring it for a third of its worth.  Why pay more, huh, what could possibly go wrong?  

The 15th came and went , along with the rest of the week.  I signed on to the tracking service they have and discovered it was in transit to Jacksonville.  From there is went to St. Petersburg where it  remained a few days until I noticed that it was heading back north to Des Moines. 

I'm not always swift on the uptake but I do know that Des Moines is farther away than St. Petersburg, unless we are talking the Russian one.  The info I had said it was returning to "origin'.  Phone calls made and finally Carrie in Emerald City re-directed the package to the correct zip.  That's what happened.  Clearwater zip is 33760, and St. Pete's is 33706.  Somewhere a postal employee miss-tagged the zip.     

On the 23rd of December the long lost package arrived as you see it. For $35.00 this package travelled 4,010 miles, a bargain if you look at it a certain way. On the other hand, it was a bit of a pain not having my camera, and meds. Not to mention Norah's Iowa Wesleyan University jersey.

The only problem but it was a scary one at first.  Notice the top picture with the little orange pill stuck in the tape?  

My plastic pill bottle and caramel corn was a little rough up.  But he camera worked fine. 

I was worried that a lens cap had come off.  I haven't tried it yet, but I am hopeful all is well. 

Final thoughts, and a word to the wise.

  • I have decided to forgo any future shipping up or back (famous last words?).  I am going to buy a sturdy backpack and use it as my carry-on.  I have been using a satchel of sorts to transport stuff, but a backpack will eliminate the need for shipping boxes.
  • This will eliminate the need to purchase insurance.  But if I were going to ship I would purchase more insurance.  At least what the stuff would cost to purchase new. 
  • The Wombie said to ship UPS because it is faster and cheaper.  If I were to ship in the future I will use them.  There is a UPS kiosk in Emerald City.
  • Next time I am at the Emerald City post office I will thank Carrie for her assistance.
One final note.  My great friend, Pat J. sent me her camera so I wouldn't be without one for the Christmas.  Isn't that nice?  I'm sending it back to her...UPS, and full insured.

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