Friday, February 5, 2016

Flashback Friday

Here I am at the desk at the fraternity house in college.  I guess I was into casual.  Let's take a look at other items in the room.

1.  It appears to be 7:15 in the evening.  Must have been either a Sunday, Tuesday, or Thursday since the other nights would have been our party nights at the West Side Tap. Unless it was Tuesday in which case we would go to Mt. Hamel for chicken night.  

2.  Looks like some mix is ready at hand in case we need a boost to keep alert.

3.  That is a stein that held a 12 ounce beer and was emblazoned with out frat crest.  Next to it is a button with W.C. Fields who was popular with college kids at that time.  

4.  This old radio was something I had for a long long time.  Eventually the antenna would crease and flop around until it fell off.  

5.  A photo album that held Polaroids and which I still have. 

6.  That red bordered book was George Patton's autobiography "War As I Knew It".  Fascinating memoir and a fun read.  I also had a full blown poster of George framed as a constant reminder "Audacioux, audacioux, toujours audacioux."

7.  Cool shoes, even today.  Cool guy too, even today.  (Just seeing if you were paying attention.)   

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