Friday, February 12, 2016

Flashback Friday


On my last trip to the cabin in the woods in Northlandia I took a picture of the old family homestead.  The Wombie had told me that the beautiful picture window had been removed and replaced with more a energy efficient window. 

Except for the gutted deer hanging from our tree in the Fall, the weird amphitheater in the back yard and the screenless back porch, the place otherwise looks good.  But the wonderful 9-pane picture window is gone and changes, irrevocably, the architectural integrity of the house.  

Marj designed the house, inside and out.  She insisted on 3x6 lumber instead of the more conventional 2x4 for floor and rafter joists.  She came up with the room configurations and sizes.  And she came up with that picture window.  

Back in the Day

The place as we were growing up.  The huge window was the window to whatever was happening in the East End.   

My current mantra is, "Everything Changes."  I know we are in an age of efficiency and high energy costs.  Perhaps the wood had begun to rot due to age.  Not everything can be saved.  But maybe the window was thrown out because the siding company threw in new windows.   I don't know and I try not to care.  It's not my place anymore.  Some things are born pretty.  Marj's house was pretty.  But it's not quite the place it was.     

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