Monday, February 15, 2016

Night Again, Again

Continuing our nighttime series, here are some more shots taken outside while in Northlandia mostly just for the heck of it.  Comet Catalina was a bust, to small, too tough to find, and then when I knew where to look for a window of a few days, too much cloud cover.  Oh well, as we always say, there will be other comets.  

This is one more picture from the ball diamond in Seaton.  It is all but abandoned now,  there are no more leagues.  Another sign of change.  This isn't the best photo, not nearly very interesting enough, lens flare and some lens aberration, but its the stars we wanted anyway.

Early morning somewhere near Emerald City and the cabin in the  woods.  I made a few early morning forays out to the country side.  I just liked the red coming through the morning haze and the barely perceptible farm building on the right.   

Early morning scene.  A farm in the distance shrouded by the haze.

There really is no such thing, at least around here for night shots without man's imprint.  Actually the night horizon is fairly well peppered with lights, towers, and farms.    

Finally this morning, a few grain bins in the middle of a field with its night light shining toward the heavens.  A lonely, solitary shot.  Emerald City light pollution is coming from the left.  Night shooting is an entirely different bag of goodies compared to daylight.  The sunlight exposes everything - the night hides in mystery.  Glance at those bins at noon and you don't give them a second thought.  But in the night they haunt.  

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