Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tuesday Tidbits

Would it surprise you to know that some Buick and Cadillac automobiles are being made in China?  Would it also surprise you to know that the venerable Swedish Volvo was bought by a Chinese firm and is being made there as well?  Me too.   


And just like that, I was on break.


I'm not a nanny - I'm a manny.


Today, fellow Northlandians, you will awaken with no more political ads on TV.  When I was up there they were constant.  I can only imagine how the constant barrage has turned your brains into mush.  Take a rest, but you know they will return this summer.  


Bedlam is undergoing some renovations.  A month or so ago they closed the gym and just this week began tearing down the raquetball courts.  

Ordinarily I wouldn't care but this was a place that held some fun memories with Norah, and you know how us old guys handle that sort of thing.  This was where we went to look at wasp nests, went throwing tennis balls in the three racquetball courts, and generally walked, explored and bonded.  Besides the pool, this place was the other Bedlam area that we had many fun moments.  Kind of sorry to see it go.



Overused phrases and words within the punditry:

"Listen" or "Look" (Chris Christie starts every other sentence with one of these words.)

"Retail politics"

"At the end of the day"

"We have to leave it there..." how hosts end an interview.

"Americans want..." how politicos try to sway.  None of them have ever asked me what I want. 

I'll even throw in the word "Caveat" just becasue it pisses off Neighbor Tim.


Ayla, aka, Alfred 


Why do Iowa Evangelicals think a religious president will be a good one?  The most religious president was James Garfield, an unmitigated failure (second was Jimmy Carter, also a failed presidency).  The least religious?  Thomas Jefferson.  


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