Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tuesday Tidbits

Last week while driving by the exit gate here at Bedlam, I noticed this activity in the pond.  Otters?  Muskrats?  Weasels?  Don't know but I've never seen them before and will certainly be on the lookout for them again.  I got out of the car to take a picture of them while they were on land but saw me and headed to the water.  Shy, I guess.


Something keeps puzzling me.  Norah wants to see Mickey Mouse CLubhouse when she is at the place and while it pleases her it turns me into a stuttering zombie.  Absolutely stultifying.  Anyway, Goofy is a clothed. talking dog.  But Pluto is also a dog.  I wonder what kind of dystopian event created that class difference in their canine world?  


Binged on Better Call Saul last week.  It's good.  Not quite Breaking Bad good but close enough.  A new season started last night.


The tennis courts right next to us are being dug up.  "Hello Clarice, do you still hear the lambs?"


Norah called me early on Sunday.  "Happy Valentimes Day, Papa".  Best call I've gotten in a long time.


Nature can be unbelievably majestic and undeniably cruel.  A couple weeks ago I mentioned a car clipping a seagull diving for food on the road.  It was a wrenching sight.  A week ago while strolling Vinoy Park, a pelican was sitting on the seawall with the usual bikers, fishermen, walkers, and bikers approached.  It didn't move.  It became obvious that he or she was wounded, sick or dying.  Meanwhile, its partner was swimming in the Bay close by.  At one point the partner flew up and sat side-by-side with the other.  I'd like to tell you a happy ending, but I kept walking; let's pretend all went well.   


Sunrise yesterday morning at Bedlam.

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