Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tuesday Tidbits

I'm one of those guys who likes weather.  Nothing better than coming out of sleep hearing raindrops on the window, anticipating a big snow, the crack of thunder and lightening at night.  Florida's same-old same-old has me thirsty for some good old Northlandia Sou-wester bags this summer. 


I had an appointment with my nose specialist, Dr. Phlegm, last week.  The latest report was encouraging.  The polyps have not reformed and I am able to reduce my steroidal flushes to every other day, and I don't have to go back for 6 months.  Good.  Double good.  I am pleased.


Cosmo's is a breakfast and lunch diner not far from Bedlam.  We catch it every once in a while on Saturday mornings - the whole crew.  Cosmo himself is about a 400 lb guy who is the cook and tries his best at English.  His wife, an amiable lady, waits on the tables and has taken a shine to Norah.  You can see Cosmo there peeking through the serving window waving. It's the kind of place you want to find when traveling - good food, low prices, illegals not wanting any trouble. 

   Last Saturday Norah requested a pancake and this is how it came to her.  Nice touch.  Guess I won't call Immigration. Besides, I bought a T-shirt from them and I think I'm an honorary Dreamer.


It must be Spring - I've signed up with my three fantasy baseball leagues.  But I shot myself in the foot with my favorite one, however.  I was last at the start of the season last year and made it all the way to 2nd place by season's end.  Screwed myself over having lost a good 1st round draft pick.  


Best TV show ever?  You might tread lightly if you answer anything other than Breaking Bad.


Finally returned downtown to take some night pics.  Since the move up to Bedlam it is not quite as easy to get back to St. Pete where the picture taking opportunities abound.  Not difficult, just takes longer.  When I was at Shawshank I could hop on the bike and be there in 10 minutes, but now it is a 30 minute trip.  With the Marina, Alfred Whitted Airport, the skyline and the empty street, it is fun to take the camera and wander.  Of course it is not without some risk - this is Bum City when the bars close and they role up the streets.  They will approach with their hand out and if you have a camera that can make for a dicey situation.   

This is a picture of the boat ramp at the Municipal Marina.  I'll post some of them soon, but until then here is one for your viewing.  


One more harangue about our health system.  I have new and hopefully better insurance for this year.  Took my card to the Walgreens and tried to get a new batch of my steroid solutions for the polyp flush.  The insurance company denied it because according to them it should not be given to anyone over 4 years of age.  Hopefully Dr. Phlegm's office can put a waiver on that but if they can't I will not be able to do the flushes - the cost would be prohibitive.  Single payer, universal - sure sounds good to me.


Thought you might like to see my latest babysitting client.  

Yeah, I think she likes me.  Stockholm Syndrome.

My favorite times of the day.

Till next week.



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