Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Nature Walk - 1

Nature parks are pretty neat down here.  The best are Boyd Hill and Sawgrass and I've documented those places many times on this blog.  Trekking to new ones is fun and today Moccasin Lake Nature Park was fresh territory.   

Walking right by this big old tree wasn't anything spectacular unless you spotted the fur in the crook of the tree.

See it?

This guy was napping right out in plain sight, and didn't seem to be too worried about the noise down below.

Down the trail a bit you could see his tail.  This raccoon was really one of the first times I've seen a critter sleeping.  

The rest of the park was not exactly awe-inspiring.  As nature parks go, Moccasin was found wanting, but at least it provided a nice walk on a nice day.  Soon the temps will make these hard to do except real early in the morning.

A good old Midwest-style creek, or crick, rambling through. 

Lots of grapefruit trees.

Bubbling roots.  Sounds like a rock band.

Its always kind of fun to see where these lead you.  At Sawgrass and Boyd these keep you safe from gators and the swamp.  Here? Well, we'll see on our Part 2 which will be coming up soon. 

A bench for resting.  Rest up a while.  And then we will resume our walk.

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