Thursday, March 3, 2016

Back To Demens's Landing

Demen's Landing in St. Petersburg was one of the places I liked to go to in the early morning hours when I lived at Shawshank.  It was a quick and easy trip and best of all no traffic.  I'd park the car and set up with my camera and tripod right at the boat dock where I had the spectacular view of the skyline.  There was this old wooden walkway pier where I could get to the end and avoid any obstructions.  

I had not been there in a while so I made the early morning trek last week just because.  I love early mornings, why not do something fun?  Of course I usually got shooed away from this area, too, by security - supposedly a residential area but they would let me take my pictures.   

So I got my pictures, I wasn't spotted by security but, wow, the old wooden pier has been replaced by floating docks.  You just can't take any pictures on something floating because it will blur your pictures.  So I had to take my gear and set up on the sidewalk.  

These, I suppose, are pretty nice pictures.  Of course, there wasn't too much problem - I didn't have to worry about the settings: no movement, no composition problems, no errant people.  Just set up and snap.  It was nice getting out of Bedlam and the River of Death (Route 19) to this quiet, scenic, watery oasis.  I must do it more often - time and tide wait for no man.  

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