Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Causeway In the Morning, Just Because

A couple weeks ago I went out to the Causeway since I had not been there in a long time.   It was early morning - around 4:30 and thought I'd take the camera just in case.  Nothing much was going on, but I took these anyway.  Nothing to write home about - oh wait, I am writing home, aren't I?  Anyway, here are a couple pics I took on a lonely early morning jaunt over to a walkway over the Bay.  

This is looking east from Clearwater.  That's Tampa over yonder and someday, perhaps soon I'm going to walk all the way across and back.   

This is where boats are supposed to go when traveling under the walkway and the adjoining roadway.

Another picture with me more than halfway across the walkway.  You may ask, "Are there other people around?"  Sometimes.  Once I was taking pictures of the sky in the morning and there were three young fishermen.  Once in a while there are walkers and occasionally a bicyclist.  Tonight there was no one except once.  I was taking pictures on a "jut-out" area and when I turned around there was a guy and his girlfriend right there.  Kind of startled me at first.  But, no, generally at this time of night people are few.  

The walkway is on the right and the roadway is on the left.  

There must have been some kind of thing going on down the walkway because those are cop lights in the distance.  

Another shot of the boat pass-thru.  I just liked the red reflecting on the water. 

And finally, another shot of Tampa in the distance. 

Thanks for joining me again this morning.   

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