Thursday, March 17, 2016

Return To the Market - 2

Let's finish this Market thing I went to with the family a couple weekends ago.  Nasty crowded, with all manner of things going on.  

One of these days I'm going to try one of Ken's sausages.  It smells great and I do love the stuff.  They were doing a brisk business this morning.

One of a few musical attractions.  The didgeridoo guy and this more traditional singer.  

Bob Marley wannabe here on the accordion.  Oompah!

My favorite vendor is this guy who fashions stuff out of metal.  Pretty neat stuff.  And usually reasonably priced.  But he doesn't take cards, only cash.  Who carries cash anymore?

This young guy is awaiting his caricature portrait.  

Cute, cute, cute.

The main musical attraction at the Market.  

And finally, back up in the garage to get the Hell out of that throbbing mass of people I spotted this, this, this abomination of a paint job.  Whoever thought it would be nice, even on a mass produced new Dodge, was sadly mistaken.  It looks like regurgitated raspberry smoothie.  I got in the car, and sped away to a less congested place, as my blood pressure dropped and my breathing returned to normal.  Maybe the Market again when there isn't the crowd.  Note to self:  avoid crowds. Whew!

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