Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Tuesday Tidbits

New movie London Has Fallen has been blitzing the airwaves lately.  I counted 13 explosions, a wooden garroting,  and 6 handgun shots fired in  30 second ad.  If Hollywood does indeed reflect American taste and culture, we're screwed.


On a car at Bedlam. 


I told her "no".


What I'm going to be running around in this summer.  The Wombie and Mrs. Wombie have a thing for Jeeps.  They just bought this pretty, bright little lime number last week for me to act cool in.  I'll miss the bumblebee, though.


I was spellbound not only by the degenerative nature of the Republican debates, but also those few seconds when Cruz had something on his mouth.  It was a real hoot and holler time here at Bedlam.  I wondered if anyone else saw it?  Then I went to YouTube and found this.


Tax day Sunday.  Turbo Tax does a great job.  It told me afterwards that my chances of getting audited was practically zero.  Yeah, sure. 


I'm missing my cabin in the woods.  Oh, and I have a ticket for passage to Northlandia.  It's getting closer.  I have been bracing Norah for my absence.  


Dr. Phlegm's office called and I am taking a substitute pharmacological mixture from a compound pharmacist for my nose.  The insurance company denied my previous prescription since they wouldn't approve this for anyone over the age of 4.  Idiots.  Turns out this is cheaper.  Who knew.


Breaking down in traffic at a busy intersection makes for a real crappy start to the day.  Damn.


Alfred went to the beach for the first time yesterday.  Here she is soaking up some shade under the beach tent. 


I wasn't really a big Reagan fan, nor was Nancy on my list of hope-to-meet people.  But I do admire her love for her husband.  What a lucky guy to have been loved so deeply.


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  1. You told her "No" and she looks heartbroken. It does look like time at the beach washed away her pained look. I have tried to watch the last couple of Republican debates and I just cannot. It pains me as a lifelong Republican to see what the GOP has degenerated into over the past 20 years. They all talk about Reagan as if he was the second coming of Jesus. Truth be told the positions they take are direct affronts to the beliefs and practices of both of their alleged heroes.