Friday, May 27, 2016

Flashback Friday

A couple days ago we were riding through main street Aledo and heard from somewhere behind someone yelling, "Two Blythes!"   Today's Flashback features Two Blythes! from the Iowa Wesleyan College Newspaper, featuring all nature's freaks attending school that year. I've got that article somewhere, but not here in Emerald City, or rather the Cabin in the Woods East of Emerald City. 

I should interject at this point that after the Wombie checks out the blog today it may be One Blythe! for awhile as he hates his photos. Admittedly this may not be his best picture ever taken, I can attest that he is a handsome lad, taking after his older (by 20 minutes) brother. 

The article in question featured three other sets of twins and also posed all of us on the steps of the Administration Building, a place where humorless people with long faces made life-changing decisions about fraternities, majors and who got to graduate.  The Wombie and I both did so I guess we slipped that by them.  

Two Blythes! pushed brother Phil from the spotlight a long time ago, and funny how life's verities and balderdash continue to bring us together still.  It's been something else, I'll tell ya.  Yesterday as we were on another adventure, we reminisced how we hitchhiked from college to get home and was chased across the road and into a field in Gladstone by a dog.  This is also the place we were stopped once by Deputy Bigger for speeding and as we exited the car I inadvertently kicked out a half-filled beer and it went sloshing down the street.  Only because Deputy Bigger had sold some corn to Dad the week before got us out of a bit of a pickle that day.  

Yesterday we went through Gladstone older, slower, and drier but no less drenched in the kinship of twinhood.  Two Blythes! continues.   

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