Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Mainsail Art Festival 2016

Longtime readers will recall past posts regarding the Mainsail Art Festival.  It's an annual event at Vinoy Park in St. Pete that happens in April.  We missed last year for some reason so this year was a priority.  The Mainsail is an invitational art exhibition and art sale.  There is always cool stuff and in the past I have spent much more than I should for art works.  This year I purchased a landscape from a Cheryl Ritter whose work "Yellow" appealed to me.   

It is usually a pretty warm day during Mainsail and this year was no exception.  Two years ago we saw an elderly lady having some kind of a heat medical emergency.  But if you can keep hydrated then it is a pretty fun event.  It is a competition first and foremost prior to the public entering, then these guys sell their stuff and there are all kinds of pieces - art, pottery, glass, metal.  Just about anything you can think of.  Speaking of pottery, one of my usual favorites, The Hairy Potter was absent this year. 

Cheryl Ritter was more than happy to pose in front of her just-sold artwork.  There was a price next to it that was out of my budget but she saw I took a liking to it.  She then popped her head over, whispered a cut in price by almost half, and I took the bait.  This was my 6th painting bought at Mainsail.  Me and Guggenheim.

This being the Vinoy, other things were going on, of course.  I saw this as I was heading out.  I'm not sure what it is called but perhaps No-Foul Soccer.  Looks like fun, might just get some of these bubbles and take over to BFE and have a spirited kick-the-beer-can competition.  

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