Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Nina and Pinta

An early morning text and these pics from Neighbor Tim said the replica Nina and Pinta were in Burlington.  He knows the blog is always hungry and that I love tall ships.  After I replied that I might go over to see them he then suggested lunch.  And although the Santa Maria is no where to be seen, two outta three ain't bad.  (that is my ode to Meat Loaf who collapsed on stage last week, but is recovering.)   

Neighbor Tim is a Sherwin-Williams paint tech and had some business over there so we were able to meet at Big Muddy's along the river front.  That's where the two ships were berthed for three days for educational tours, before heading off to somewhere else along the Mississippi. 

An observation about the ships:  if they are built to scale then they are really small ocean going ships.  Imagine your husband coming home and asking, or perhaps in those days, telling you to gather the kids, say goodbye to family and friends and then walk with him to the dock and board these ships for a trip around the world to a place you know nothing about.  I'm probably not up to speed on the history of the people who sailed from England on these ships to the New World, but even with all the faith of your religion and in your husband, you surely had to be petrified at your odds of making it. 

I didn't fork over the $6 for an opportunity to step aboard and check them out, even though I qualified for the senior discount.  Just seeing them, rather regal with their flags and ensigns flying was good enough this trip.  

Thanks for the heads up, Neighbor Tim and my other friend, who alerted me to their Burlington stop.  

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