Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Tuesday Tidbits

Music is the most subjective of senses.  One song I absolutely hate with a passion of all passions is The Joker by the Steve Miller Band. Why it gets so much air time is puzzling.  I am initiating a petition to get it banned for all eternity and to get any remnants of Steve Miller and members of his band (past and present) exiled to Uzbekistan for the remainder of my life.  "Pompitus of Love" my ass.


Had the pleasure of breakfast with the Wombie's son and family last week.  Aaron, Kate and their three children, Izzy, Annie and newly hatched Lily Rose are a great family. 


Growing up in Seaton, the Hall's, Lyle and Suzy, lived two houses down.  One of their kids is named Darren.  He recently published a novel.  I noticed it while riding in the back seat one day last week.  It wasn't unusual to see a book there as Mrs. Wombie always has one at the ready.  What finally popped for me was the front cover.  If you peek through the weeds a bridge comes into view which looked suspiciously like the one down in Keithsburg.  It was then I started asking questions.  

I ran into Lyle the other day and he is procuring me a signed copy.  If interested it is listed on Amazon and can also be had via the Kindle. 

Stuff like this is always exciting.


A battle is being waged in the Cabin in the Woods.  Last week I came across three spiders.  I'm not terrified of them, like I am snakes, but I don't like them either.  There have been three casualties so far in this war.  The Cabin was sprayed once in the Fall and then again this Spring, so it's not like I am ignoring the situation like that Clinton - Bosnia thing. (Now, dang it, why'd you have to bring politics into it?  We were having such a nice chat.)  I called Triple A pest control before Memorial Day and they have yet to call back.  And that brings me to my shower diffuser.  You know, that thingie that turns a bath into a shower?  Well I need a new one of those, too.  Stopped by one of the local plumbers and he said he'd take care of it.  That was 4 weeks ago. 

Hey, business guys!  The art of business is to take money out of my pocket by doing something for me.  Even if it is a small job ignoring it or waiting for a rainy day won't endear you to prospective customers.  And customer service is inexpensive and insures repeat business.  Pity, those creeps have lost me and I'll find someone else.  Customer service, customer service, customer service.  Surely that is the foundation for any successful company.  


A golf experience last week taught me I really need to stay off the gold course.  The weather was nice, the company stellar, but any semblance of what was pathetic talent for the game has gone.  At this stage I am not even looking for it and will gladly spend time at the 19th hole while anyone else vapid enough to want to chase a small white ball around a field may do so. 

It was, however, quite nice to see Dad's memorial bench once more.


My Girls

This picture is titled Count Ayla.  How 'bout those vampire fangs?

And this is my Norah.  Note the possessive "my".  


My mother used to say to us if we failed to answer or respond to a comment or question of hers, "Grunt or something.".  I find myself using it on occasion myself.  I like that.


This year's rhubarb pie from Aledo's Rhubarb Fest.  


Sunday was a pretty nice day so I took a ride to New Boston, Keithsburg, and Seaton.  Besides pleasure it was also an opportunity to take some pics which will be featured soon on BFE

New Boston boat ramp.

Things I learned, or thought about on this trip:

1.  Seems more people are buying pontoons than boats these days.

2.  Nothing slows you down more than seeing two deer at side of road eyeballing you and wondering if they will dart back into the woods or out in front of you.

3.  Funny, but not funny the number of Confederate flags in Keithsburg.

4.  I really like taking detours on roads I haven't been on.

5.  In Keithsburg I saw the smallest barge I have ever seen.  Pictures later.

6.  Discovered this blooming crop but I don't know what it is.

7.  There are wonders even in the most mundane of places, you just gotta open your eyes.


I am missing Tropical Storm Colin, which, by family accounts is quite the rain maker.  People have been sent home as well as kids in daycare.    

The pool at Bedlam is overflowing.

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