Friday, July 22, 2016

Flashback Friday

This little gem of a picture isn't all that old.  It's not a school picture or baby or one of those family pics I've been inflicting on you recently.  On a life timeline, this is fairly recent.  It was taken on a trip to the Quad-Cities where we had lunch at the old Lodge, which, I don't think exists anymore.  If it does, its not called that anymore.  I was with the current Mrs. Blythe and Mackenzie and a friend of hers.  I'm thinking c. 2004.  Pre-gray, anyway. 

Since this was pre-selfie this was taken by someone at the table and by my look, I was not expecting it.  If you look at the backdrop,  this was my kind of restaurant - dark, dark and if you were placed at the right table, even darker.  

There isn't much else to this picture, except I direct you to my left ear.  Specifically the lobe.  Brendan and I engaged in a wager of sorts, and my part (having won or lost, depending on how you look at it) was this item that graced its place there for a few months.  There are no other pictures that I will admit to where it is in plain view.   I do remember having it on my bike trips that one summer of riding - tank top with new tats and earring.  I really looked like a biker stereotype that summer.  But then I learned that stereotypes are to be smashed, that we have to be true to ourselves, and decided my dark corner was more me. 


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