Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Sometimes Its Right Under Your Nose

My bike needed some work done so I took her up to Brenny's in Bettendorf.  They needed a few days to work on everything, and Mr. and Mrs. Wombie needed an oil change on their Trax, so after that they swung over and picked me up.  While waiting, I started walking and noticed a walk/bike path a couple blocks away from this area of town, which seemed fairly industrial.  

It was a bit like Dorothy going from black and white into color.  This walkway took me into a pastoral green park area that one wouldn't have guessed to exist from the roadway.  

The place is called Devil's Glen Park and the bike path took me along a winding creek with sandstone cliffs and several small waterfalls.

Another view of the waterfall.  Only had my iPhone camera so these aren't the best shots.

These block restrooms and picnic areas are remnants of work done by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the '30's.

The next few shots are of the cliffs that edge a creek that runs through the area.  This bike path is 3.6 miles in this park but hooks up to a Greater Quad-City bike path that is about 10 miles long.

A beautiful oasis in a business and industrial area of Bettendorf.  Alcoa isn't too far away as are many other manufacturing companies.  It was a surprising and pleasant find;  once again, when you  travel you will be amazed at the things you find right under your nose.

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