Wednesday, July 27, 2016

South Henderson Church and Cemetery

Head Out On the Highway, Looking For Adventure

There is about a 4 mile long winding country road (those are the best, aren't they?) east of Gladstone that takes you to the South Henderson church.  Thet all by itself is worth the trip,  but across the street is a cemetery that holds surprises for the uninintiated.

The church was built in 1854.  The congregation was led by the Reverend Robert Ross who just happened to be one of the founders of Monmouth College.  The church was in use until 1954 when it was officially disorganized and taken over by the local historical group for maintenance.   

Peer inside the generous amount of windows and you'll see a time capsule that will take you back to a different time, a different country, a younger America.  Just think, when this building was dedicated the U.S. was only 70 years old.  

Inside you will see two-sections for seating, one aisle, two chandeliers and a dual-heating single-chimney system.  It's not hard to imagine people gathering early before winter services to get those plumb seats next to the wood-burning stoves.

Excuse the reflection on the right side of the picture, but this is a side view of the interior of the church.  A simple dais-less platform with minimal ornamentation.  

Now, walk across the road and you'll be in the South Henderson Cemetery.  This is where Danial Boone's grandaughter, Elizabeth Robbins, is buried and if that wasn't enough, so are a couple guys who fought in the American Revolution.  

Time and tree growth stops for no one.   Here is an old stone being slowly swallowed by a tree.  

Like an arm embracing a crying child, this tree root gives comfort to an old stone.  

This is a view of the cemetery from the church.  The Revolutionary War soldiers lie to the right and left of the flagpole.

Once again, all it takes is a tankful of gas and no maps to find interesting stuff wherever you are.  Search it out, take that road that looks fun and it just might be.  

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