Monday, August 29, 2016

4th Party On the 2nd in BFE - Part 1

My visit in Northlandia was purposely lengthened so I could  attend the annual 4th of July party at the Stages in North Henderson, aka,the original BFE.  When I was a resident these were smaller affairs - mostly the regulars of the Community Center, aka Neighbor Tim's garage.  

Since those days, The Party has become bigger, and is something of an Event, in an otherwise eventless village.  The crowd had already gathered when I got their early.  I had prepared a cooler of Bloody Mary;sand a couple of beers.  The food was prepared by the hosts - Tim and Carrie Stage.  Before I forget, my thanks and apppreciation for a a great night. 

In a scene duplicated all over the country good people gather to celebrate a nation, eat, drink, laugh and watch some fireworks.

Christopher and Megan.  Do I hear wedding bells?

Momma Stage, relaxed and unsuspecting.

Momma Stage, surprised but a good trooper.

Christopher warming himself by the fire.  The little place just at the center of his back and to the right of the truck is where Missy and I lived. 

Finally, a fire to enjoy.

No good family party is complete without kids and those glowy thingies.

Meanwhile, Tim and Ryan are getting their salvos in place for the big show.

I know you are anxious for the big fireworks show, but I'm going to leave you for a few days with this teaser post.  It was a fun night - hope to be here again next year. 

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