Monday, September 5, 2016

Happy Labor Day and Taking A Few Day Off

Happy Labor Day 

While you guys will be enjoying summer's last gasp today, I am on the road with my bike somewhere in Iowa or South Dakota. Neighbor Tim and I have planned this trip for awhile now, and left on Sunday morning.  Our first stop is to see Tim's aunt and uncle in Sioux Falls.  After that, Mount Rushmore sometime tomorrow.  
I had hoped to do a running commentary of the trip, but not sure I want to sit down and do a credible job at the computer after each day's ride. So, this week Existing In BFE will be virtually non-existent and we'll start up again next Monday.  

As usual, play nice and, Mr. Sutor, sorry you couldn't join us.  

Oh, and all bets are off if it is raining along the way.  I don't do rain. I just won't.  

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