Friday, September 16, 2016

Travel Weekend

Well, that was quick.  I never seem to accomplish everything I want when I return to Northlandia.  The no-go bike trip was the most irritating for personal reasons.  But I am already planning for a ride in 2017;  I need it for absolution and because I don't want to stop going on those wonderful long rides that test your stamina and wits. Rain be damned, I'm going.  The title of "True Biker" has been passed to Neighbor Tim, and I have to get it back. 

I painted the living room at the cabin and I think it came out well.  The adage that you paint small rooms lighter shades doesn't fly at my place - the walls seems to fade away with darker paint and makes it look larger.  That's what a decorator in Manhattan said anyway, in my reading. 

I missed seeing Rose, Stewart and Lori, as well as Jerry in Mount Pleasant.  I did go to a couple car shows however, and won in one.  Miss Frump is a wonderful car and presents no trouble at all at longer distances.  Next summer we'll expand a bit more and try other shows.  

Next year I'll also spend less time here in May-June and more time in July-August-September.  There are more car shows in this time frame and wherever I go on the bike I like the early September time frame.

Posts have been kind of sporadic lately for a couple reasons, but I hope to get settled back in Florida and post more regularly.

Since my arrival I have witnessed an almost complete change from late summer to early Fall.  The corn was green with just a pinch of brown when I got here and most of it is now fully ready for picking.

The Emerald City Experiment continues.  The old car and the bike will be tucked in for winter and we'll do it all again in a few months.  See ya back in Florida.    

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