Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Bushnell Car Show - 2016

Bushnell is my favorite car show.  Great park with lots of trees and a real live judging.  The above picture is a 180 degree shot of the park I took with my iPhone.  If you look at the far left that blurry light-colored car is Miss Frump.  That far right blue car is at the other end of mine.  Kind of a neat feature on the phone but nothing you'd use very often.

This year was the first time I've ever NOT won.  The reasons will become clear a bit later.    It also conflicts with Aledo's Antique Days show but I still make the drive for reasons, that, too, will become clear later on.  But first some things of note.

I want to be fair here.  The above 1964 Mercury Comet is a familiar sight on the old car show circuit.  

As you can see the owner got show officials to place his car in the "Stock" 1959-1969 category with Miss Frump.  Looks an awful lot like show officials wanted to put it in a different class, 19, which was a modified car class.  

One of my investigations next summer will be to find out if Mercury put this kind of souped-up, chromed-out engine from the factory in 1964.  And if they put out wheels like that, too.  Class jumping is an old trick at shows to ensure a trophy if you think your real class will be too competitive.  I am not willing to claim class-jumping here, but I just can't see Mercury putting this car out as a factory job.  I reserve the right to be wrong.   

This is a pretty sharp 2015 Ford F150.

One of the nice things/bad things is the all-inclusiveness of car shows.  If you've got something with a motor on it, and sometimes not even that, you can bring it for judging at most car shows.  I'm in the camp that its just fine as it brings in new and younger participants.  Others, like my older car club members aren't always so charitable.  They don't see the value in buying a new car/truck and bringing to a car show.  

Here is one reason why Miss Frump didn't win a trophy this year.  Poor girl was sandwiched between 2 red '64 Chevy Impalas Coupes.  First, 1 4-door will never beat out a 2-door.  Second, red always beats tan, and third, the 64 Chevy may very well be one of the absolute beautiful creations to come out of Detroit.  

One of the reasons I go to Bushnell, besides the actual 100-point judging system, is this guy, Ron "Redi-Mix" Harn.  When I was a member of the Western Illinois Antique Auto Club he and his wife Lana, became my friends.  He is listed as a car show contact person, although nowadays it is more emeritus.  It is fun to sit with him and chat about things.  One of the good guys.

The Frump was up against stiff competition today and went home without any trophy.  She did, however, garner a great deal of interest and comments, which is always fun anyway.  Of course, the real fun is driving her around.  She has been very reliable so far and at this point we may extend her range a bit next summer.

We will return to Bushnell.  It is still one of the best shows:  it is held in conjunction with Fall Festival Days and there is lots of good food,  a tractor parade, and places to explore.  

We can always use new blood at our old guys hobby.   This kid has a grand way to get around at the show. 

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