Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday Flashback

Halloween for us kids in Seaton was usually a very festive occasion.  Marj would monitor our movements from the anonymity of the car while we traipsed from house to house.  Afterwards we'd empty our bags on the living room floor and categorize the treats.  There was always stuff you didn't like, the stash a cut above that and then the primo items which were almost always encased in chocolate.  When we got older, Marj would stay home and we'd rove more in packs than as a family.  I'm sure it was all designed by the parents involved but it didn't seem that way then.  

And then the first Halloween when you stop. 

And then you become the adult with kids and you haul them around - your main mission to bring smiles and merriment to a fun night.  You put them in the car and take them places of safety to teach them the strategy of trick or treat.  And then you see them organize their treats when you get home.  

And when they stop going, somehow, I'm not sure how that works, you somehow have a second childhood and Halloween becomes a time to dress up again.  

And now I walk with grandkids around places and watch them organize.  And guess what.  I'm dressing up this year.  More on that, maybe, later.


  1. So looking forward to your Halloween costume! What would Leota think?

    1. Hmmm. Who could this be. If I am right be sure to check out next Tuesday's post, mystery reader.