Monday, October 17, 2016

Head Out On The Highway, Looking For Adventure

Head Out On the Highway, Looking For Adventure

Somewhere on Route 99, where the large granite stone honoring the six Littleton boys is located,  Mr. and Mrs. Wombie and I came across one of those historical markers you usually drive by and wonder what the fuss was.  Today, and forever more, we stopped. 

In Memory of Chief Taimah (Tama) of the Fox Tribe, Thunder Clan

An Indian gentleman and a true friend of the early white settlers, Chief Tama proved his devotion to the white men by traveling to Praire du Chein, Wis. when a plot had been made by Redmen to raid the place and kill the agent.  By revealing the plot of his tribe he saved the agent.  Tama, Iowa, in Tama County and the Tama Indian tribe all bear his name.  His grave is 20 rods east from here.

Dedicated to the Pioneer Spirit of Martha Haight Stapleton by the Betsy Ross Chapter of Daughters of the American Colonists 1954.

I can see why the settlers liked this guy, but what did his tribe or other Indians leaders think of his informant status.?

We ran across some kind of old dam system building and I saw this window with this old phone in it.  

Along Route 99, and this would be a great riding road next summer, we came across this sign along the road.  We always take these types of detours.

What we discovered was a deep-rutted dirt path with overgrown trees and bushes.  About an eighth of a mile up this rough path was a cemetery that seemed to still be used.  No pictures of the place, it was unremarkable.

What was remarkable was how they could ever get a hearse up this road.  And calling it a road would be charitable.  Pretty neat detour but don't try it with anything except a truck or Jeep - you won't make it.  

Down the road was a town called Wapello, and after our journey so far, we needed a cold one.  There are 2 bars in town and we picked the Sandbar and it was a good choice.  Nice, friendly place.
Nice roadtrip.  

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