Monday, October 24, 2016

Head Out On the Highway, Looking For Adventure

Head Out On the Highway, Looking For Adventure

  I'm going to tell you about a spot that is gorgeous and overlooks the Mississippi.  It is trespassing if you try to do it by yourself, and kind of dangerous.  We received city approval to check it out.   I'd like to take my camera and tripod and take some pictures when I return to Northlandia in a few weeks.   

Next to the New Boston cemetery is a dirt road that, with a bit of scouting, will take you to a path that winds through soem fairly dense overgrowth.  Follow that path and you'll come to a an overlook area that is directly above the New Boston water department spilloff.  Thus the approval from the Wombie who knows other Aquamen in the area.  

This overlook provides a really nice view of the river few people ever have a chance to see.  There is a cement platform of sorts, but it is not fenced and should one go tumbling, they would be be wet and pretty banged up.  This is the view upstream.  You can see the partially submerged barge on the right and New Boston itself further up.  

This is a Google Earth satellite picture of the area.  As you can see, it looks like they brought a bunch of cement in and dumped over this pipe, creating a kind of lookout.  Don't try this at home, the Wombie and I are experienced gatecrashers and mountain goats.

This is looking downstream.  The tree on the left prevents a better look, but even this view is pretty neat.

One more view, why not.  

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