Thursday, October 20, 2016


Monmouth's Prime Beef Festival provides a pretty decent show and this year was no different.  Just like last year I met my old high school buddy, Ed Johnson from Peoria.  He has a beautiful '62 Chevy Impala.   Miss Frump made the trip without any problem.   

The Frump shined up after arriving and ready for attention.

I tend to be a purist at car shows.  I shy away from an over-the-top presentation.  This owner, however, seems to revel in it.  I'm sure this guy garnered more laughs than my disgusted harrumph.   My rationale is the car is the real show, not the skeletons, stuffed toys, LED lights, photo albums, drive-in window tray.  But to each their own.

This guy bought a hearse and grill in a coffin.  Actually, I find this clever and fun to look at.  

That is a real tufted leather floorboard.  My God, the money these guys spend on their wheels!

Just a plain old pick up.  No chrome, no modifications.  I liked that a lot. 

As compared with this gaudy monstrocity.  Souped up, chromed out, wild paint job and everything modified in the cab.  Give me the old white one above any day.

This is real comfort for a day of showing.  A tent when you can't find a tree, and a cooler full of tasty food and drink.  Beats 18 holes of golf any day.

And yeah, winning recognition is the topping on the cake anytime.  Yea, Frump!!

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  1. I enjoy seeing old trucks and cars clean an unaltered as the rolled off the assembly line so many years ago. No need for extra chrome, tufted leather and fancy props. Just a quick, clean look back at our history in glorious iron.