Wednesday, October 19, 2016


While walking downtown I had my iPhone and snapped a few pics that seemed somewhat interesting to me.   Maybe you, too.

It was an abandoned store front and someone had posted this on the window.  The reflection from the window shows the cars parked along the street. 

Apparently not satisfied with posting a note on the window, the perpetrator of the previous picture decided to double-down on his assessment of someone. 

What could the catalyst for a movie or song,  the placement of an envelope on a door.  Eviction?  Rent notice? A plea of some kind?  A letter expressing love?  Who knows.  Only the owner of the envelope and door know for sure.   Harry Chapin could have spun a great ballad from such a vision.   Or perhaps new Nobel laureate Bob Dylan.  

Everything is art.  Art is everything.  I don't know what used to be here but when it was removed created a brick canvas for someone.  Look closely and you will see some art (?) or porn, depending on your perspective.  (My perspective? Art, of course.) 

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