Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tuesday Tidbits

Some Sundays are made for something other than the usual.  A couple of them ago the S-I-L and I went to a place just down the road to dip factory manufactured bait in a gulf bay tributary.  It's called Allen Creek and is more a river than creek.  We saw some striped bass jumping but, alas, that was the extent of it.   

The rod and reel I have is quite the monster - a gift from Santa that is made for bringing in the big ones in the ocean, not a sunfish.  I have to admit I had a bit of trouble casting and decided practise is called for in some remote area here at Waterboard.   

It wouldn't be true that I caught nothing.  I actually did haul in this leaf that I snagged with the hook.  I can hear Neighbor Tim cackle "Anyone can catch a fish, it takes a real fisherman to catch a leaf." I threw it back in.  


I saw this somewhere, maybe the Shirk Report and thought it was funny.  

DISCLAIMER:  Seeking "thoughts and prayers" on social media is kind of a big deal these days.  It's kind of like a prayer vigil without the vigil.  And of course, why take the time to seek solace in church when you can have your friends do all the work.  I am in no way denigrating your need for comfort.  Just give me a second or two while I download my latest cat video before I start beseeching our Savior on your behalf.   

SECOND DISCLAIMER:  I know the above is rude and I am sorry for its negativity.  But here is my personal policy for thoughts and prayers:  I reserve the right to pray for me, my friends and mine.  If I pray at all.  I tend not to ask the Prime Mover to engage in my piddly little flawed human stuff, so its likely I would never ask for prayers, let alone your Uncle John who is having gout surgery.  But I will think of you (and tell you so) and wish you and yours good fortune and good health. 

THIRD DISCLAIMER:  I wonder what the percentage of prayers are actually answered?  It can't be high.  If it were then prayers would supplant IV's and Oxycontin.  There would be no Rwanda or Bosnian ethnic cleansings or Jewish holocaust and every kid would get exactly what they want for Christmas.  Christ wouldn't have died on the cross.  Then where would we be? I tend to think prayer is more a personal Tylenol.  It is an exercise to give thanks, not ask for a handout.  Take two and hope for the best, but life remains tricky and with as many valley's as peaks.  Enjoy the peaks.  And if it makes you feel good to send out a blanket prayer call via Facebook then that's OK, too, I guess.  It can't hurt.  Hell, what do I know?  I asked to catch a fish last Sunday and a Met's victory last Monday.         


Baseball has a way of ripping your ❤️ out, stabbing it, putting it back in your chest, then healing itself just in time for Spring Training.

My Mets didn't win on Wednesday but it's OK.  I'm not devastated.  We were lucky to get that last game and I was grateful.  There is nothing like baseball in October and I am now directing my thoughts but no prayers for the Cubs and their fans.  I figure God's got bigger and better things to worry about. 

This is a Twitter observation from our star pitcher and seemed to me particularly wise.  Go Met's in '17.


Any movie poster that has people holding guns most likely is a bad movie.


Last week I went downtown to the arts area.  Checked out a gallery and the nice lady there handed me a key and invited me to go three doors down (funny, huh?) and check out another gallery that was scheduled to have a show in a few days time.  Why, sure, I'd love to.  

This is a video I made of the whole place.  We'll chat when you are done.

Those bubbling things were pretty cool, right?  Even the honor system in a major metro are in the US, how's that for different?  By the way, don't email me wanting to know how to get one of those bubbling jars.  The cheapest one was $15,000 and the others were $20,000.  


I am returning to Northlandia on December 3rd for a couple weeks.  I'll be praying for a safe landing.


Being a Manny I am always looking for ways to improve my craft.  Sometimes I look to the past for ideas.  I found these two pictures that had me nostalgic for the past.  

In the top picture I can't imagine why we still don't have these devices that allow our little darlings a bit of fresh air and a break from ratting around our rugs.  In our old Victorian in G-Burg I remember having around a dozen upstairs windows.  I could have started a daycare there and made a mint.  What could possibly go wrong?

The lower pic is a school playground in Texas.  I guess that's why we don't have any fun stuff in our parks anymore.  But lots of lawyers.


While walking downtown I was amazed again at one of the landmark signs here.   

Located at World Liquors not far from Tropicana Field, this sign and store opened in 1961, and both are still going, not sure how strong, however.  


And finally, after cloudiness and some wind but no rain, Hurricane Matthew left what little it had in this part of the state and the skies opened again.  Like Mr. Sutor said, "A hurricane is an inconvenience.  Running out of beer is a disaster."   

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