Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tuesday Tidbits

A couple of things I saw recently on Netflix streaming that weren't too bad.  Seige of Jadotville is an early 60's recreation of a UN-sanctioned Irish  company stuck in a bad place in the Congo.  Think a modern Zulu but instead of spear-throwing Africans we have well-armed gun-toting Katangese soldiers and French mercenaries.  The bar scene between the Irish leader and the leader of the French is classic.  Keep your hanky handy.

The other one is a bit tougher to evaluate.  In my family we call it the "Fluke Factor".  There was a movie quite a few years ago called Fluke.  It was about a guy who was reincarnated into a dog after a car accident.   It was widely panned and has a 27% score on Rotten Tomatoes.  Only me and Roger Ebert liked it.  The Fluke factor is a good movie that receives mostly negative reviews.  

I came across The Fundamnetal of Caring after reading a few good reviews on Reddit.  Paul Rudd is a guy who takes the job caring for a kid with Muscylar Dystrophy, and they take a road trip.  Derivative, hokey, unbelievable as Hell, but likeable characters and will bring a smile to your face.  Glad I watched it. 

Meanwhile American Horror Story sucks.   

It does, however, beat watching the news.


Went swimming last Sunday.  Water was a bit chilly after a week of no sun, but you got used to it quickly.  The days are numbered, however.  Might try again this weekend but I suspect its just about over for this season.


Let's say you live in a community with 2 banks:  Wells Fargo and 1st Bank of BFE.  Why would anyone do business with Wells fargo?  The account scam by the bank is just the latest in a series of stunts this bank has pulled in the last 10 years. 


Have we run out of names for our vehicles?  I walked by this truck parked at Waterboard and glanced at the name.  It is a Toyota Tundra PreRunner.  I was curious as to what a prerunner is.  According to sources, a prerunner is a truck that runs an endurance  or off-road race course prior to the actual race to practice how they will drive it.  How is that making you excited about a product?


My day job down here, Alfred, is learning to use a straw.   Its hit or miss but I expect a major breakthrough this coming week.  I think more will go up than down.


I have to admit I was a little shocked a more than surprise to learn the number of Cub fans who went to bed before the end of the decisive game last week.  Yeah, it was late.  Yeah, folks had to work the next day.  I understand.  But this wasn't staying up late to watch a debate or Gone With the Wind, that you've seen 34 times. It was the most important game in a decade or arguably over a 100 years for Cubs fans and they retire once they thought the game was lost or they got tired.   If I had gone to bed in '86 I would never have seen that ground ball by Mookie that went through Billy Buckner's legs that tied the game in the 9th inning.  That then led to Gary Carter hitting a single that brought Mookie home from second base and won the 6th game of the World Series.  

Cubs fans, stay awake.  Watch every inning, through thick or thin, good and bad.  Don't read about it the next day; live it.  You never know when you'll get back to this point.


Remember that scene in Scarface where he takes a machine gun and wipes everyone out in a blaze of gunfire?  That's Trump these days.  The final couple of weeks could be fun.


Cruising in Miss Frump to Bushnell Car Show.


Last time I was at the grocery store, this kid checked me out.  I noticed his name on his tag was "Ylber".  I asked how it was pronounced and, poor kid, rattled off for the 10,473rd time in his short life, "It's like Elmer only with B instead of M."  I asked where it came from, and somewhat proudly, I thought, he said it came from Albania.  His parents immigrated from that nation and he is the first American born person in his family.  Nice story.  Hope they like it here. 


Finally, bless those dog lovers who can't go grocery shopping without their pooches, and bless the open-minded store owners who allow them everywhere in this area.

This guy toted his dog, first in the cart, then strapped over his shoulder.  Wonder how he'd handle a Newfoundland? 

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