Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tuesday Tibits

"You voted for who?"

Well, that was interesting wasn't it?  Enough has been said about last week's election and I don't wish to add to all the noise.  I voted for Hillary (and Bernie in the primary).  Not out of any particular love or devotion to her, or her family, or any of the policies she espoused.  I also did not vote for her because I am a fan of the status quo.  I think Obama was astonishingly ineffective.  Too cautious, too willing to give up principles.  His legacy of Obamacare, botched foreign policy, and lack of any legislation for infrastructure offsets any gains in civil rights,  the economy or encroaching climate change.

I admit I flirted with Trump.  Like a junior high kid with his first flame, I wondered if this change-agent was something I could ask to the prom.  Congressional dysfunction,  a year of listening to Bernie talk about how the system is rigged,  the thought of Bill pontificating to us for another 4 years was too much.  But however much I liked the change Trump represented, I felt the vessel was simply too flawed.  The government is no place for amateurish impetuousness. 

And then I tried my Barstool Test on him.  My Test revolves around a simple exercise.  I have a seat at a bar.  I order a beer.  Reflecting on all manner of things while I sip I am enjoying my loneliness in a crowd.  There is an empty stool next to me and _________ comes in and sits next to me.  Fill in the blank.  Would that person engage me?  Would I want to stay much longer? Make me laugh?  Provide an entertaining evening conversing?  Would they discuss the world, big or small, with cogency and and an eye for more than one side of an issue?  Would they listen?  All of my friends can do that.  All you guys I count as friends reading this can do that.  Mr. and Mrs. Wombie can do that.  Most of my family can do that.  Fill in that blank with Donald Trump and I probably would chug my beer as fast as I could to get away.  I base that on his comments during the election.  Every President should pass my Barstool Test.        

Misogyny and xenophobia are awful big words for a simple country boy like me, I don't have a clue as to what they mean.  But it can't be good.  Now I hear Social Security may be cut and Medicare eliminated altogether.  I read that Pence is a Creationist! I fear long fought social gains made by the LGBT community will be reversed and that those who practise a different religion may be banned or immigrant families torn apart and deported.  His friends are racist.  I decided not to go to the prom but instead to stay home and light a candle.  

That candle represents fear and hope.  Fear that we have not fallen victim to an increasing worldwide fundamentalism that will root out and destroy anything we consider different.  Hope that Mr. Trump will rise to the occasion and be a President for ALL Americans, like he promised.  

Now that he is elected I root for him and many future successes.  Personally, I like it a lot more when I can kick back and be amused by it all rather than having to become angry and involved.  There is campaign rhetoric and then there is presidential rhetoric.  I hope he will grow into the position.  I wish him well.  I wish him wisdom. I say with all newly elected presidents, I hope he is the best President ever.  

I am hopeful, but I am afraid too.  My candle gives me light, warmth and strength.  I hope the blow from Washington won't extinguish the flame. 


“I like to have a martini, 
Two at the very most. 
After three I’m under the table, 

after four I’m under my host.”

Dorothy Parker, an American treasure.  She also wrote the classic, "If you don't have anything nice to say about someone, come sit next to me."


I am so looking forward to a couple weeks in Northlandia.  Shhh!  Don't tell anyone (knock on wood) but I am planning longer stays up there this summer.  I hear Mr. and Mrs. Wombie have more road trips in mind and new roads to travel on the bike.  

Who mowed my yard and cleaned up all the leaves?  Yeah, I have a Nest camera set up so I can see the weather.  When I first installed I had it pointing toward the living room.  I'd wake up in middle of night and turn it on, then realized it was a perfect set up for a horror movie:  see someone or something walking down the hallway toward my bedroom door.  Yikes.  Since then I've had it pointing out the front window.  

Alfred needs a break from me, and I her.  I long for a beer with friends.  I long for cold crisp air and a clear night sky.  I want to relax as the Wombie chauffeurs us around to see some sights.  I want to grab a cold beer, rack the cue balls and have a few games of pool at a place north of G-Burg.  I want to give some money to Mrs. Wombie and have her work her magic with the Golden Goddess. I want to go out to the garage and see my bike and old car, in hibernation, and think of future trips and adventures.  I want the feel of a small town and the intimacy of familiarity.  I want to walk places with my camera and see something I've seen my whole life and yet see it for the first time.  


Alfred hamming it up.


And what's up with that stupid poll that asked folks when people should stop wearing denim jeans?  Age 53??  Morons.


I was walking to the gym last week at 4:00 am and someone shined a flashlight in my face.  It was a cop who said they were looking for someone dressed like me but that he was in his twenties.  "Sorry, fella, you don't fit the description."  Drats.


While out and about on Saturday I saw this 41 Chevy pick-up drive into a parking lot.  Nice, unrestored condition.  Although it has a different more modern engine, the rest of it is absolutely original.  You know, we see restored stuff all the time at shows, but some things should remain as they are - warts and all.


While walking back to the cell from the gym yesterday morning the sprinkling system had started, in an attempt to lace a pretty green ribbon on this pig.  

It provided a momentary respite from the dull numbing blandness of this state while the fountain blew through the palm fronds.  I need a day at the beach...and a beer...and a roadtrip.

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  1. Nice couple on Tybee Island welcome visitors, have a beach close by and cold beer.