Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Pinellas Fall Festival

A few days before my trip up to Northlandia the Pinellas County Fair was in full swing.  One of my wordless posts will introduce you to this fun time for kids and expensive venture for grandparents.  

And after a couple hours of feeding the ticket takers, navigating through the people and that ominous looking spot where someone barfed, it was time to coerce the wee one to accept that it was time to wander home.   County Fairs are similar pretty much wherever you go.  When I was a kid the one in Mercer County gave out cigarettes and live ducklings to kids of all ages.  Today with all the child rearing advances those days are long gone, and rightly so, but what remains is a sanitized remembrance of what once embodied a carney haven that enticed you to leave the dirt of the farm behind and walk into an enugmatic world of temptation.  Malone's Taffy is still made and sold at these places, but Freida the Frog Baby has been placed in the carnival closet, most likely never to see the blinking colorful lights of the Midway ever again. The rides are the same but the mystery is gone.   Then again maybe it's just my youth that has vanished. 

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