Monday, December 19, 2016

Santa Came A Little Early This Year

In 1996 I bought a new Ford Ranger pickup from Lakis Ford.  It was a basic model with no options.  The intermittent windshield wipers and radio were about the only luxury items.  I still have it and it still runs great.   It is in Northlandia at the Cabin in the Woods.  Twenty years later I got the itch to get another one.  I have been wanting to get something we could all go in on weekends instead of taking two cars.  I flirted with a Navigator up in Northlandia and an Expedition at a Mom & Pop used car place here but decided to check out a place in Holiday that sells Nissans.  

Meet my new (to me) used Nissan Pathfinder.  It is a 2007 model with a lot of miles but is in exceptional condition.  I'm giddy just thinking about it as I type this in Northlandia.  

This is the Maus Nissan sales guy who sold my current wife her Murano.  He got a hold of me and I was like a doomed fly in his web.  I kind of wanted a Navigator or Expedition type bigger SUV but they are more expensive and usually have a lot of miles on them.  Oh, by the way that guy is Honduran and his name is....wait for it....Otto.  Great guy.  

You won't find any rips or tears in the cabin.  Besides lifetime oil changes this baby also has a long list of cool stuff I didn't even know existed.  Lets see:  memory seats, individual comfort settings, built in Garmin, heated seats, Bose speakers, three row seating and other stuff I don't know what they are yet.   

Push a button and the ceiling folds back and then the sunroof/moonroof opens up.  Ha!

All kinds of room for people and if you need to haul something big just fold down the seats.

Getting bored?  Just fold down the monitor and put in one of their favorite movies.  Head phones are in the storage bin to allow the adults to chat.  And if I want to watch the movie someone else can drive and I'll snuggle back with the kids.  Hell the damn thing even tells me which direction I am going and what the temperature outside is.  

Now I know most of you have enjoyed most of these little pleasures for some time, but for me its all new.  Do I sound like a dork with a new pen holder?  Well, I have to tell you its kind of nice to have wheels down there and fun wheels at that.  Dork, always.  Cool Dork riding around with his new Pathfinder?  Yup.  

Ho Ho Ho.

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