Thursday, December 15, 2016

Time To Leave

Today I fly back to Southlandia.  It is cold and snowy up here.  But I'm a cheater.  I've had enough.  I'm the worst kind of Snowbird.  I catch a glimpse of the Dread, then high tail it back to warmth and sunshine.  These are the things I learned or confirmed this trip:

  • Not many things beats climbing into bed after being warmed-up by an electric blanket, especially when you tend to keep the thermostat low.
  • I must remember to wear my boxers in the summer but my boxer briefs in the winter.  
  • Doing nothing at all still counts as having fun up here.
  • Don't buy scratch tickets in Illinois.  They just had a review and many of their games don't pay out: the worst of any lotto state.  It is a private firm and apparently are more profit motivated than other states.
  • There is a reason the Midwest has a reputation for friendly people.
  • Beer is colder up here in the winter.
  • This will be a long stretch for me till I return.  Sigh. 
  • I had a nice white-knuckle driving experience.  Loved every fishtailing moment of it.  But still turned around halfway there and came home.  
  • Picture taking projects come to a screeching halt when it is cold.  Another sigh. 
  • Oquawka is the most interesting place around.  Home of the Illinois chapter of the Satan Bros Motorcycle Club and the most Confederate flags. 
  • Casey's flatbread pizzas are wonderful.  We don't have Casey's in Floriduh. 
  • Speaking of pizzas, Jerry of Jerry's Pizza in Mt. P. is not well, but he has passed his recipe on to others to continue the great tradition.
  • I went out to the garage and opened Miss Frump's doors and closed them just so I could hear them again.
  • Someone could make a mint in Emerald City by opening a nice bar and grille.
  • Antenna TV sucks.  Really really sucks.  
  • Snow is a godsend if you spend most of your time in warm, blue-skied climes.  "You can take the boy out of the country..."
  • I spent the morning before I came up here trying to find a bank to grind my coins for cash.  They all referred me to the local grocery monopoly Publix who has Coinstars that will do the job, for 9%.  Around here you can go to any bank and they will do it free and with a smile.
  • I have a couple great friends up here.  Its nice to confirm that with every trip.
  • The cold slowed up my slithering.  Still didn't touch base with people I wanted to.   And picture taking?  Not in this cold.
  • Roadtrips with Mr. and Mrs. Wombie, even in sub-zero wind chills  always hold out the hope of  adventure.
  • About the only good thing worth watching on free TV is All In the Family.  The next best thing is The Jack Benny Show.   I've got this figured out by the time I return this summer.  I don't mind roughing it in the Cabin in the Woods, but TV viewing is going to have to be stepped up a few notches. 
  • I can't tell the difference between 22 degree cold and 12.   
  • I've got the best gig going.  Floriduh with family, Northlandia for fun and friends. 
  • Before you throw your winter stuff on at 4:00 am, grab the camera, start the cold cold truck and head down to New Boston for thrilling picture taking of river ice floes and the Geminid meteor shower, remember to get that SD card you packed in your travel bag for tomorrow's trip back.  Wasted trip. I hate when that happens,
  • Don't let Facetime chats with Norah showing you her latest freckle slow you down from enjoying your stay up North.  And exclaiming with obvious joy there are only 2 more sleeps till Papa returns.
  • No matter the shops, entertainment, cultural opportunities or the thrill of bustle big cities offer - there is no place like small town America.  

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