Monday, January 16, 2017

Head Out On The Highway Looking For Adventure

Once again the Wombies' and I piled into their Chevy SUV and headed out to see what we could see.  And see some stuff we did.  

Just outside Avon we came across these camel, or are they dromedaries?  I did some research.  There are three types of camels, and it looks like this camel farm or whatever it is has 2 of the three varieties.  Bactrian camels have 2 humps while the dromedary camel has one.  The third type is so rare that I doubt if they would be in Avon, Illinois.   

We went to the world famous Spoonies in London Mills.  Being somewhat of an expert on tenderloins I can attest that these are most likely the best in the area.  

I stopped to take a picture of this rustic barn along the road and eventually liked the tree better.  It is almost perfectly shaped.  It, to me, is more arresting than the barn.  

Finally, we drove through Norwood Cemetery and couldn't help but notice the Cubs "Win" flag and windsock at the grave of a Mr. Pease.   It is not the team that has been so futile through the years (I placed it in the blind squirrel category), but the fans that found a way to connect with their lost family members that touched me the most about last season.  

Another roadtrip, another amazing day of seeing things right under our noses.  That's what is so much fun about taking off.  Can't wait for more of these next summer.

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