Monday, January 9, 2017

Head Out On the Highway, Looking For Adventure

No lime-green header picture for this post because the jeep stays pretty much in the garage this time of year.  The Wombies and I hopped in their Chevy small SUV and headed out to see the winter sights.  

I don't expect those readers in Northlandia to start slathering over these pictures like Pavlov's pooch since you are firmly in Winter's embrace.  But for me - these represent a beauty that I miss.  Having returned here in mid-December it has been sunny and warm every day.  It is a sickening monotony of environment that is more likely to drive me crazy than your silly Seasonal Affective Disorder.  I'll not comment on this most Dr. Phil of pop disorders, suffice to say, you think you got it bad, try going weeks with nothing at all!

Say what you will about the steady grind of winter and any emotional tolls it takes, there is no denying the beauty.  Trees stripped bare of their leaves like arms in rigor reaching beseeching  to heaven.  Dollops of white and grays giving a defintion to the land and structures - windblown like an artist's wispy brush strokes.  

I guess the grass is always greener...or more snowcovered.  

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