Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Serb Fest - Part 2

Last week we went to the Serbian Fall Festival at St. George's Serbian Orthodox church.  Today we return and go inside the church.  But first, lets see some of the outside activity again.  Since I have no particular knowledge of any of the features inside the place I will remain quiet as you look around and see the layout.  It was a beautiful place with lots of wood and note there are no pews but chairs are on the periperhery while the middle is relatively open.  

St. George's Serbian Orthodox Church in Clearwater.

Note the pictures of presumably past religious leaders within the small chandelier.

Another chandelier but quite grand and intricate.

Those Mexican kids still waiting their turn to perform. 

Spooky Rasputin look-alike holy man giving me either a blessing or a curse.   Only time will tell.


Center of the main room.

Chairs along wall are where congregates sit. 

My curiosity over the Fall Festival and the church was sated today.  Doubt if I go back but it was a fun way to spend a couple hours on a boring Sunday afternoon.

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