Monday, February 27, 2017

A Walk Around Waterboard

Having a little extra time a week ago or so I took a walk around the extended fringes of where my present incarceration, Waterboard in Largo.  Here's what I noticed.

We see these configurations all the time, don't we?  A couple jet trails criss-cross in the sky.  Always straight - always the shortest distance between point a and b.  

How then, do we explain this?  

This was a trailer court.  This kind of struck me as somewhat Floridy.  Next to a trailer, was this camper.   So they live in the trailer, then wander out to the camper and enjoy a hot sunny patio.   It wasn't till I got home that I noticed the Corvette in the yard.

I'm not sure what this pipe used to do or maybe still does.  But that tree now has a toehold and wants it.  

It struck me a sad-sack name.  "Grizzle" isn't a good name for anyone, let alone a politician.  I guess there's not much you can do with a name you are stuck with, but, boy, I'd sure hate to be one old man Grizzle's kids.  By the way, she lost.

As I was trudging along the sidewalk this little geyser couldn't be missed.  I'd wish the Wombie, Aquaman Emeritus, could have been with me to give me his reading of this.

A palm tree on some sort of growth hormone.  

It is an ill walk that doesn't bring some good.  Today's showing, three pennies, found at various places along my route.  Another example of my policy that if you keep your head down and focused, you too, can reap health, wealth, and wisdom.  Or to put it less delicately, it is better to be a gutterswipe, than a guttersnipe.

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