Monday, February 13, 2017

First Trip to the Beach - 2017 - Part 4

The finale of any performance should always make your audience want more.   This, the fourth part of my first trip to the beach in 2017, will hopeful leave you wanting m,ore as well.  In one of my favorite un-patented wordless posts, I give you,  The Sunset

It was a satisfying trip.  Saw lots of people doing lots of things, and a gorgeous display of colors.  I have told this story many times:  whilst walking at Hawthorne Center when I was in G-Burg, I would always meet a fellow walker, an older woman, and quite friendly.  We would exchange greetings when we'd meet.  One morning I remarked what a beautiful sunrise, and she replied, "The Lord has many colors on his palette."   If you are one of them God afearin' folk, then yes, He does have a colorful palette.  If you are a bit less certain, then you can revel in the colorful palette of nature.  

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