Friday, February 17, 2017

Flashback Friday

This was saved from a flood in North Henderson that also wiped out other old family photos.  It took other heirlooms like my grandmother's wedding dress.  It was a disaster.  Several large garbage bags full of ruined things were put out for the dump.  basements suck.  Thank goodness the Cabin in the Woods does not have one.  I'm so done with them.  

This isn't necessarily a Public Service Announcement, but with spring on its way we can expect rain and the inevitable basement water.  Take care of your things so you don't lose precious memories.  My stuff was stacked in plastic containers and once the water rose the totes tipped and water seeped in.  I didn't check as soon as I should have and by the time I did, the items, photos and keepsakes were in unsalvageable condition.  Maybe its just as well I have forgotten what had to be tossed or I would be doubly saddened all over again.  

Poor Wombie, almost completely obliterated.  Positioning is everything.  I survived because I chose to be to the left of Phil  (a situation that I am positive still exists).  What?  You expected me to pass on a political joke?  By the way, white belts are coming back.  Saw one the other day somewhere. 

Anyway, Marj and one of her front step photographs.  We would all troop bravely yet somewhat sullenly to the appointed stop and let her snap away.  Funny, there aren't many early day-in-the-life kind of photos; the only time she got out her old Kodak Brownie was on special occasions.  Not sure what the above occasion was but a good guess would be a fall visit from all of us from college that year we all students at IWC.  This would have been a tough time for Marj - she would have been alone for the first time.  Empty nest and all.  This was also a time when she would have thought my second semester would have been in jeopardy.  But that's another story for another day.

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