Monday, April 10, 2017

Another Sunday Morning Outing With Camera

As I have stated before, Sunday mornings, camera in hand, have become a fairly regular weekly activity.  Did I also tell you that last week I ventured out for some night sky shots over the Gulf from one of the beach areas and when I got home found out that I had failed to make sure my subjects were in focus?   I finally had a good night scene without any diluting light from the Moon and almost all were fuzzy.  I saved some, but most were worthless.  But these were from the week before.   

These were from Redington Shores Beach.  After this I hopped int he Pathfinder and went to one of my old haunts, Gulfport.

This was a pretty long Sunday morning trip:  Redington Shores, over and down to Gulfport, over past Vinoy and then up to 34 to Fray's for a donut to keep my strength up.  Still back to Waterboard before the sun came up.  

Most of these shots were around 15 seconds timed exposure.  This makes for interesting looking skies.  With timed shots the results look lighter out than it really is.  I don't have Photoshop so these are without any external enhancements.  

Thanks for stopping by.  Again, please, please, grab your cameras and/or cell phones and snap those pictures.  The most amazing things are all right in front of us.  

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